Cooper Turns 1 - the kids stuff

 Turquoise and white for a gorgeous One Year Olds birthday party on the weekend.  Luckily a Marquee was put in place for the rainy Sydney weather.  We prettied this space up with polkadot lanterns and bunting throughout.  We also set up yummy lolly cannisters filled with milk bottles, musks in blue & white, gumballs, lollipops etc...The kiddies love scooping their goodies into their own lolly bags!  oh and not to mention the cute teepee we set up in the corner with matching cushions for a little bit of a chill out this is what the young ones did....see more of what the adults ate in our Cheese Spread coming up.

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  1. Loved it, thanks again Brie and Karon for such beautiful styling for Cooper's 1st Birthday - he loved it, as did we and all our guests! :) xx


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