Newspaper Taxi

A lovely night at Newspaper Taxi. Some beautiful new stock including vintage cards, Christmas st0ckings & bunting + great bric a brac finds. We drank Logan wine, snacked on the prettiest Rose & Pistachio macaroons, smoked almonds, grissini and wondered the store in awe of all the beautiful stock.


  1. Sigh.

    So pretty I knew it would be fabulous... I have a little green monster visiting me as I stare at these pretty images.

    I wish I could have wandered through this shop drinking and nibbling on such things. I would go crazy mad with the old credit card in a store like this one. How did you stay under control? Or did you also have a bit of retail therapy?!

    Love the final image the most, have a lovely weekend xox

  2. Thank you my dear...yes, was a lovely night and such pretty little things to scrummage through! If you are a Sydney girl go and check it out x

  3. I am in love with this store! Thanks for the introduction and for sharing such pretty pics! Have a sweet day!


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