Seashells & Wedding Bells

Some stunning beach displays for a beautiful Port Stephens wedding: -
Also featured on Little Sootie
Pic 1,4 & 5 - Table names tied on glass bowl features filled with sand, sea urchins, shells & a large white candle.
Pic 2 & 10 -L anterns tied with guests names sit as the placecard/favours on the tables.
Pic 3 - Beach signs direct guests to drinks and shoe drop
Pic 6 & 7 - A sand tray directory leads the guests to their Hawaiian named table
Pic 8 - Glass cannisters filled with sea urchins & shells displayed throughout the reception
Pic 9- the brides beach parasol
Pic 11- Stafish displays for the bathroom


  1. Gorgeous. I love wedding details. candles and shells are some of my favourite table decorations. The Shoe Check card is fabulous.

    Have a lovely weekend xox

  2. Thanks lovely...their wedding is today. Hope the wind isnt causing too much trouble!


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